Larry Purkey – Ancestor of Brian Clift

Larry Purkey – Ancestor of Brian Clift

Larry Purkey was hired as the Music and Youth Pastor of my church when I was a junior in high school.  I was a committed follower of Christ and excited about growing and learning more.  God brought Larry along at the right time.  He was just what I needed to help me move toward a deeper more intimate walk with Jesus.

Larry was a singer and musician.  So was I.  We hit it off from the start.  I know it was his job as a Youth Pastor to lead and teach me but, he went beyond the call of duty.

He spent lots of personal time with me, teaching me how to memorize scripture and study the Bible.  He invited me to his house one night to read through the book of Acts with him. It was just a small thing but, for the first time I got the picture of what the first church was all about.  It changed my whole attitude about church.  I realized church isn’t something you go to but, it is something you are.  From that night to now I’ve been learning to be the church wherever I am.

Larry let me sing duets with him in our church services which to me was very special.  He was the first person to teach me about true worship and leading a congregation to worship.

Larry nor I one knew at the time that God was preparing me for a lifetime of leading others to the throne of God in worship.  Larry was the first person in my life besides my mother to acknowledge God’s gift in me.  He nurtured and encouraged me and gave me opportunities to experience and learn what it meant to lead others in worship.

I’m sure Larry never knew about the real impact he had on my life. I haven’t been in touch with him since the late 70’s or early 80’s.  I went off to college and he moved away to another church.  His influence and impact on my life still lingers to this day.

Hopefully you’ll find this Larry, and know how much I thank Jesus for you and appreciate the time you invested in me.

Brian Clift

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