Kim Clift – Ancestor of Allison Osborne

I have many people in my life that have led me to Christ and nurtured my walk with him my entire life. I have been so blessed in that way.

The one on the top of that list would be my mother, Kim Clift. She knew Jesus from a very early age and in my eyes has never turned away from him. She has been through so many hardships in her life since she was young and despite them all her faith has remained.

She is currently very sick and her quality of life in this world is very minimal but yet she looks to Jesus to get her through and presses on. She is a shining example for those of us dealing with abuse, sickness, hateful people, anything that can bring you down, that all you need in this life is Jesus.

She has taught me to love him in the storms of life and in the happy times. She is my rock!

Thank you Mom. I love you!

Allison Clift

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