Paula Sharpe Corbin – Ancestor of Elizabeth Corbin

Paula Sharpe Corbin – Ancestor of Elizabeth Corbin

My mother, Paula Sharpe Corbin, has gotten me through the most. She has mentored me in the ways of Christ. She has fed me scripture my entire life. She prays for me all the time.

She was there for me even when I didn’t believe anyone was. She told me to turn back to God and let him be in control of my life. Of course I was being a stubborn teenager and
didn’t want to listen to anyone and I fell away from Christ.

She never stopped praying for me. There is great power in prayer! Most people wouldn’t believe I had hope to change, but I did!

I know life will always have it’s trials, that’s the only way we can get stronger, but I’ll always know my mom will be there to support me in my walk with Christ.

Elizabeth Corbin


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