Brian and Kim Clift – Ancestors of Ashley Sasser

Brian and Kim Clift – Ancestors of Ashley Sasser

My Ancestors in Christ are my parents, Brian and Kim Clift.  I grew up traveling the country while my parents led worship and shared their testimonies at churches and Christian conferences. I felt like I was always a Christian just because my parents told me all about Jesus from the time I was born. It was easy to love the God they talked and sang about.

At the age of 6, I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life riding in the back of my parent’s station
wagon. Growing up, I was very involved in my youth group and had a lot of people in my church that taught me about Christ.  My parents, though, are the ones who led me into an understanding of who Christ is.

They led by example, always trusting and seeking God in everything they did. They encouraged me to do whatever God called me to do, even if that meant traveling to communist countries to share the gospel where Jesus was forbidden to be spoken of; and that’s exactly what I did at the age of 19.

They didn’t care that I wanted to forego a college education and step outside of the American Dream to be a missionary.  At the time I didn’t understand how weird it was that they allowed me and encouraged me to do the opposite of what most American parents were encouraging and expecting of their kids.

Now I am a youth leader at a church and I see parents every day putting priority in education and good work ethics instead of a relationship with God.  I realize people who pursue a good education and a good career can also be in God’s will, but I learned more about who God wanted me to be during my time traveling the world.

I had to defend myself to a lot of people who thought I was throwing my life away because I was not getting a higher education; but because of my parent’s encouragement and support in my decision I can share my life story with tons of teenagers… And trust me I got my education!!

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Your Daughter Ashley

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