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Spiritual Ancestors Leading Others to a Fuller, Deeper, Devotion to Jesus Christ
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Honoring Those Who Have Led Us To Christ And
Encouraged Us Toward A Fuller, Deeper Devotion To Him
We all have ancestors who have had a direct or indirect influence on our
Our DNA is a geneological compilation of those who have lived before us,
each contributing an important part from the time of our conception.

Those contributions determine our appearance such as facial traits, height, skin
color, eye and hair color. They also influence our personality traits and intelligence.

We have our immediate and extended families to thank for all those blessings.

But God has placed others in our lives to pass on spiritual DNA for our rebirth  
into His family.

Spiritual Ancestors have nurtured us, prayed for us, encouraged us and led us
to a new or deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
The purpose of this website is to Honor Those who
have invested their lives in Us, to Encourage Us to
invest our lives in Others, and to help us Connect
with Spiritual Family Members around the world.
Share your stories to honor those God has used in
your life
to lead you to a new or deeper relationship with

Tell the stories about those who have made a spiritual
investment in you. Write about  the ways their investment
in you brought about change in your life.

Be encouraged as you read the Spiritual Ancestry
stories of others
and determine to let your light shine so
others might see Jesus in You.

Begin to connect with others who share the same
ancestors or similar experiences. Motivate one another to
"love and good works."
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"Let your Light shine before others, that they may see your good
deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."
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